Riverspruce Hounds

2009 Otterhound Litter

Sire and Dam

For this litter, we bred our Liv to Clive (Shreenwater Blackjack).

Clive has sired only 3 prior litters, and only 2 of his pups from those litters have been bred from at the time that we decided on him as the sire for our 2009 litter. The fact that he isn't largely represented in the gene pool was one reason for our choice of Clive. Additionally, Clive has several qualities that we felt would compliment our Liv; from not only a conformation perspective, but from a health and temperament perspective also.

Here are some photos of Clive...

Clive retained a very dark black coat with tan markings, had a LOT of substance and bone, and while he wasn't a profusely coated dog, his coat was of a nice coarse texture.

Clive had a very easy-going and gregarious temperament.

Here are some additional photos of both Liv and Clive. More photos of Liv can also be seen on her page.

Liv resting on the deck, and on the couch


Liv on the prowl

And lastly Clive, the elder statesman!