Riverspruce Hounds - 2009 Otterhound Litter

Week 2 Photos - 6/9/09

It is hard to believe that the puplets have been with us for 2 weeks already! It seems like just yesterday that we were watching the miracle of their birth, and now they are up and walking, trying to see things with their unfocused, blurry eyes, and are actually wagging their tails now! Their increased mobility means that they can climb into our laps much more readily, and they are at the stage where they can start to follow momma Liv when she is walking in the whelping box.

Here are some photos that we took on their 2 week birthday. I had hoped to get some better shots of them actually walking a bit, but between either wanting to nap or searching for their next meal, I did the best that I could (which isn't saying much)!

Purple boy - now known as "Rocko", in honor of his great uncle Rockford.

Yellow girl - now known as "Mouse", as in "tiny as a mouse".

Light Blue boy - now known as Magnus, since he's going to be a bruiser and reminds us of Magnus Ver Magnusson - power lifter, strongman and 4 times "World's Strongest Man".

Green girl - now knows as "Lilith", since she seems to epitomize what we think a mythological female storm demon is like!

Pink girl - now known as "Bertha", as in big Bertha - indicative or her size when born.

(Napping was a much higher priority than showing off her new found mobility. My guess, Tyler has been tutoring her when we aren't watching!)

Orange boy - now known as "Howdy", since he simply looked like a "Howdy" from the second he was born - no to mention the fact that Ron said, "How do ya do?" at that very moment!

Watch for more descriptions of their steadily emerging personalities next week! By then, they will have been moved from the nursery, into the dining room - smack dab in the thick of things!