3 WEEKS OLD - JUNE 16, 2009

Well, as you can see, I am late posting the 3 week photos. My bad! It has been a hectic, crazy week - that included the puppies moving from the whelping / nursery room to the dining room, out of town company, and a dreaded trip to the oral surgeon for some "end of the year" dental work. But, that is behind us now, so lets get to the puppies! All of these guys now have teeth, and have been enjoying learning how to use them!


Rocko had a brief stint as the "smallest puppy" for a couple of days, but wasn't able to retain the title. He is still a very easy going pup, and one of the messiest when it comes to meal time! He does love his chow and happily bathes in his gruel! Even though he is easy going, he does have a persistent and determined streak! When he sets his mind to something, he keeps working until he figures a way to accomplish it - which finds him as the first to learn to get in and out of the whelping box. He seems to have the most coat of all of the puppies, and seems to have even more than any of our last litter at the same age. He is, at this point, staying relatively dark in color.


Little Miss Mouse is such a little sweetie! She is very playful and easy going, much like her brother Rocko in personality - except she isn't nearly the determined soul that Rocko is, in that she seems to be more of a follower than a leader. She has continued to share the title of smallest with Rocko and Howdy, and definitely holds the title for "the most avid eater"! Now that she has teeth, you can almost see Liv cringe when she notices Mouse waddling up for some milk! Mouse's coat is already lightening in color a good bit, with the tan under-tones increasing rapidly.


This boy is one BIG boy! He has bone from here to tomorrow, and just seems to grow before our eyes! He has always been the most easy going of the litter, and continues to be. Comfort is one of his priorities - so finding the most comfortable spot to nap is always high on his "to do" list. He loves to play, and has figured out that human beards are fun to chew on and get an interesting reaction when he pulls hard on them! His coat reminds me much of Bart's and Hostler's from the last litter at this age, and is the shortest of this litter at this time.


Our little devilish girl remains our little devilish girl! Lilith remains active and now that the pups are playing and wrestling, she is always right in the thick of things! If her siblings are napping, she will move right on to momma Liv and play with her instead. She enjoys climbing over things, under things, and wading her way through things. She is always happy and wags her tail more than the rest put together! She is still easy to distinguish from the others by being the darkest in color along with her brother Rocko, and carries more coat so far than some of the others.


Big Bertha, now known as "middle of the road Bertha" has soundly lost her "large" title to her brother Magnus and more recently her sister Lilith. Bertha reminds me much of her older 1/2 brother Bart (now Henley) from our first litter. She is very easy going, and is more prone to watch and think about what is going on as opposed to rushing right into things. She does LOVE to play, and when she gets going, she gives Lilith a run for her money! She does however, share a love of napping with her brother Magnus, and when we see a lump snoozing when the others are rushing around, we can count on it being one of the two. She is the puppy who's tan under-tones are developing the quickest. She still does remind me of her big 1/2 sister Spring in the looks department - but definitely not in the activity level department!


And finally, Howdy. He is currently our smallest pup in size - but definitely not in personality! Howdy is perpetually happy and full of fun. Of the whole crew, he is the most like his sister Lilith. He loves to play and loves to explore. He is also very persist ant like his brother Rocko, and frequently the two of them are together creating an adventure or overcoming a challenge. He remains the lightest in color, and his lighter undercoat is also beginning to make an appearance, although it appears that there will be a good amount of gray in it. He is one of the more heavily coated pups at this stage.