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2009 Otterhound Puppies - Week 1 photos

It is hard to believe that the six-pack is already 1 week old! We tend to not realize how much they've grown since we see them constantly, but the size difference is so obvious when we take them out of the whelping box in order to clean it, and put them in the nursery box - where I remember them so vividly during the whelping! They really ARE getting big!

Here's the whole gang, Left to Right:

Pink, Green, Purple, Lt. Blue, Yellow, and Orange

Purple Boy - still a very easy going, complacent pup. His coat has a bit of a different appearance to it, and we are curious to see if it will be different from the rest. It looks in some light to be a good bit more harsh, and maybe even somewhat longer?

Yellow Girl - also a pretty complacent puppy. She is pretty easy going too, but less so than Purple and Pink. Born the smallest, she has remained the smallest so far.

Light Blue Boy - He is growing quickly and will probably overtake his sister Pink in the size department very quickly. He is very similar in temperament to his sister Yellow.

Green Girl - ah, green girl... she is still the MOST active, MOST vocal, MOST demanding of them all. She really, really reminds us of Spring and Mikey from the last litter! She knows what she wants and when she sets out to get it, watch out!

Pink Girl - "Bertha" This girl is THE MOST easy-going of them all. No complaining from her during the early neurological stimulation exercises. She LOVES her meals, and is quite content to sleep in our laps if given the chance. In appearance, she reminds us much of Spring.

Orange Boy - "Howdy" This boy is also a character. While he is very active, he isn't as vocal or demanding as his Green sister. He is one of the first to crawl to us when we are hanging out in the whelping box. In personality, he reminds me a lot of Mikey.

That's it for their 1st week pictures. My apologies for being late in posting them, but it is REALLY hard to force myself to break away from both the puppies, and the other dogs now that we can spend quality time doing things in nice weather! I'll try to keep the weekly pictures updated promptly, but they may end up being posted a day or two late each week... sorry!