4 WEEKS OLD - June 23, 2009

This was our first try at taking "stacked" photos of the puplets... and believe us when we say that they kept the process interesting!! Not something we would recommend trying with 4 week olds, unless you had been practicing it a lot, have a LOT of patience, a HUGE sense of humor, and not one OUNCE of sense! It's amazing how quickly even "sleepy" puppies can come to life when you are trying to take still photos, in an unfamiliar setting!! However, that being said... they were more cooperative than we could have hoped - especially if you don't count the potty breaks, the finger chewing, and all the attempts to lunge towards the camera to try to eat it! So, please keep in mind that these photos do NOT do them justice. Even by baiting the wee ones with tasty goodies on the end of my finger, some of them really couldn't seem to get their legs under them and resembled silly-putty more than conformation hounds!


By the time we got to Rocko, we'd tried taking this week's photos with most of the other puppies, so we were actually kind of getting the hang of it. He was really pretty cooperative, even if he didn't want to hold still.

Rocko is still a very fun, outgoing puppy with a lot of determination. He's difficult to distinguish from his sister Lilith from a distance, but he does have two of the cutest little cowlicks - one on each side of his underbelly, which in addition to his white stripe on his chest, helps at a quick glance. He is the one with the most coat still, and his whiskers are much more curly than those of his siblings.


This little girl was VERY accommodating for the photo shoot. She pretty much happily did what we wanted, and continually wanted to explore and play during the entire time. Still one of the smoothest coated pups, she is beginning to acquire wiry wisps of hair at top of her muzzle at the inner base of her eyes, as well as a good bit of fringe on the edges of her ears.

Mouse really does seem to like our companionship at this time, and is very responsive. She's quick to get to wherever the action is. Keeping her on the grooming table and not launching into the air to go see photographer Ron was a bit of a chore! She is really beginning to come out of her shell (not that she was ever in one) and could probably be compared to a bit Lilith now as relates to her activity level. Nothing much phases this girl!


This boy does love his grub! He also enjoys laying in his meals to eat - or more likely to make sure he gets more than his fair share! For the photo shoot, he was quite adamant about getting to the tempting morsel in my fingers as quickly as he could, instead of standing politely for such a boring thing as having his picture taken!

Magnus is by far the largest puppy, and he has quickly learned to use his weight to his advantage with his siblings... whether it be while playing, while eating, or even while sleeping by hogging the "best" spots. He reminds me a good bit of Hostler (now Oliver) from Liv's prior litter, although, he isn't the napping champ that Hoss was. For being a big boy, he does like to be active, and never seems to pass up a chance to wrestle or play with his siblings.


Poor Lilith! She was the first puppy that we tried to "stack" for the photos this week. We didn't have a system down pat yet, and her photo makes that pretty evident. She was VERY wiggly and didn't have a clue what we were trying to do!

Lilith is still an active girl, but some of the other pups are definitely giving her a run for the money now. She isn't "over the top" like she had been while younger, and does settle down pretty readily for naps. She is still the darkest of the girls, and probably the second fuzziest puppy.


This girl really can't be called "big Bertha" any longer - as she is far from the biggest. That being said, she does enjoy her food and we are going to have to watch her waist line! During this photo session, a more appropriate name for her would have been "Jello", as she was a roly-poly, wiggly little thing who's legs went to mush! Getting her standing took a good bit of work on our part!

At times, she can be the little princess of the bunch, and does not hesitate to let her brother Magnus know when she is tired of his overbearing puppy play! When we had visitors over, she was the first one to REALLY want to socialize with our friends' 3 year old daughter- which made our little guest very happy... especially since Bertha still has her pink ribbon on and our guest had wanted to see a "purple puppy". While I've never seen a purple puppy yet, at least the pink ribbon seemed to be the next best thing for a 3 year old!


Little Mr. Howdy-Doody is still quite a character. He was SO wiggly for this photo, that we never were able to get a good shot of his top line at all! He is still the one with the lightest tan coloring, and ranks right up there with Lilith as one of the most heavily coated puppies.

Howdy seems to love to sit and pose for photos - at least when he's a tad bit tired! He is one of the best so far at trying to tear our clothing apart at the seems, and is starting to learn that there is flesh behind most of our clothing!! This fellow is a little love-bug, and is probably Ron's favorite (which isn't saying much really, as each and every one is our favorite depending on the moment)!