Riverspruce Hounds - 2009 Otterhound Puppies

7 weeks old - July 14, 2009

7 weeks has flown by SO QUICKLY!

Here's a quick look at the gang now. They've had a very busy week... car trips, veterinary check-ups and vaccinations, more and more visitors, and as always, more training and more exposure to lots of different things. They've all really taken to clicker training, and really enjoy their one on one training sessions with us! Overall, the girls are more food motivated than the boys, and are a bit more "driven" to work - although they will all work for bits of cheese and hot dogs. They are getting used to going for walks on a leash now, and while they are all taking it to really very well, they aren't too happy about the added restriction to their freedom that leashes present! They are really becoming small dogs at this point. It is difficult to believe that some will be leaving the nest within a week's time!


Mr. Rocko is officially the second biggest puppy now. He is also one of the biggest instigators of "puppy wrestling" matches! He does love to play, oftentimes to the consternation of his sleeping siblings. He is right in the middle of the activity and temperament spectrum, when compared with his littermates. While independent at times, he is a very easygoing fellow. Although he is still very dark in color, he is just now beginning to get silver hairs showing throughout his body. When Rocko leaves us, he will be heading to West Virginia.


Miss Mouse, no longer the smallest is pretty much in the middle as far as size goes. She's an energetic girl who is VERY motivated with food and toys! She's one of the more active pups, and similar to her sister Bertha in personality and temperament. She still has one of the shortest, yet coarsest, coats. She is a very biddable girl, and we see a lot of performance potential in this girl. We will be seeing Mouse regularly, as she will be leaving us for a home - with her own Scottish Terriers to corrupt - here in Fairbanks!


Magnus, still by far the largest, is really a big softy. A goofy boy, he waits until his more chaotic siblings are done monopolizing our attention and then he smoozes his way into our laps. This boy LOVES mealtime, yet is probably the most particular when it comes to food motivation. He'd probably be more interested in food if he wasn't so interested in all the world's smells! He perpetually has his nose to the ground. Magnus is really a very good natured fellow, and when he leaves us he will be heading to California.


Once our demon girl, Lilith has grown into a well centered young gal. She is an easy going puppy with a bit of an independent streak still, and is very much like her brother Rocko in both temperament and appearance. She was probably the first puppy to really want to make eye contact with us, and really enjoys working with us during training sessions. She has a lot of potential for performance events, and is another VERY food motivated puppy. We will also continue to see a lot of Lilith, as she will be living very near us here in North Pole with a few Great Pyrenees to show her the ropes!


Big Bertha is now the smallest of all of the puppies. How she can be the smallest, and pack away as much at one meal as she does, will forever remain a mystery! Bertha not only loves her meals, but she really LOVES her treats during training sessions. She, along with her sisters, picked up on leash work REALLY quickly! She frequently ignores all that is going on around her in hopes that we will practice some training with her, and more often than not find her at our feet wanting to play or work. She and he sister Mouse spend a good bit of time playing on the puppy agility equipment. A LOT of performance potential in this girl! She is still the most intermediate of the pups as relates to coat, but is getting "fuzzies" all over. We are still waiting on a final decision as to where she will be going.


Little Howdy is now the second smallest puppy. Still a very happy boy, with a bit of a passive resistant streak! He is an active pup and is usually in the middle of most all puppy play sessions. He can be a bit hesitant about new challenges, but is game to try them out on his own time. Once he figures something out, he delights in doing it with gusto! The large stairway was a prime example of this... reluctant to tackle them at first, now he is almost always the first one to the top (or bottom) of the stairs. We will also be seeing a lot of this little fellow in the future, as he has a permanent home with his mom and the rest of the gang here at Riverspruce Hounds!