8 WEEKS OLD - July 21, 2009

Well, here are the 8 week old puplets, and our last weekly update! Today is the day that Magnus, Rocko and Bertha begin their lifetime adventure with their new families. As I type this, we've just heard from Rocko and Bertha's new families that both have successfully made the long trip to the East Coast. Earlier today, we heard from Magnus's new family that he had arrived safe and sound on the West Coast. Mouse and Lilith both have already moved in full time with their new families here in the North Pole / Fairbanks area, and are adjusting well to their new families. We are so very happy for them all and their new families, but at the same time we were very sad to see them go! Howdy is staying here with us, and is having to learn to adjust to life without his siblings.

Thank you all for sharing this wonderful journey with us!

So finally, here are their 8 week photos... unfortunately, we had just fed them and they were all pretty much still wearing a good portion their dinner when we took the photos. We also managed to forget to snap Mouse's side and head shots in the excitement of her heading out for her first sleep-over in her new home - our bad! At least we managed a photo of her with her new mom!


Rocko is now making his home in Charleston, West Virginia with the Howell family. The first born in this litter, he has always remained distinctive... from being the fuzziest at birth, to his two cute little cowlicks on his tummy, to his HUGE feet, and to his independent yet very social ways. He was the first of the kids in this litter to be very aware of his surrounding and picked up quickest on subtle cues... such as when it was bed time and he'd start to oh so nonchalantly sidle away - hoping we wouldn't notice and put an end to his fun. Nap time always found Rocko seeking us out to use as a pillow.


We are fortunate that we will be seeing a lot of this girl - now known as Feona - as she is making herself quite at home with the Wood family here in Fairbanks. She shares the home with 4 Scotties and 1 cat, and has become fast friends with one of the Scotties named Sky. This girl has always been one very physically agile girl, and is very light and fast on her feet (of course, in an Otterhound like way). She will try her paws at performance events in the future, to include agility and tracking. She is showing her mom how different Scent Hounds are from Terriers, in that way that only an Otterhound can! We will miss her warm body every time we sat down - because no matter where we would plant ourselves, Mouse (and Bertha) would show up and settle down right next to us or on top of us.

Mouse (Feona) and her new mom...


Mags is now living in Hanford, California with the Sheppard / Burk family, and will be known as Wall-E. Always the big ox, Mags had a special way of endearing himself to everyone that he met. As we were carrying him through the airport to catch his flight south, I do believe he bruised my ribs with his overly wagging tail that was working in overdrive because of all of the people he was encountering. Of the litter, this boy is the one who was ALWAYS using his nose. In true Otterhound fashion, his motto was head down, tail up, ears off. He was also the one you could always count on to come and sit and lay his head on your lap when he was done making the rounds of the yard.


We will be seeing a lot of Lilith as well as she is living here in North Pole, Alaska with the Taylor family. She is now known as Violet, which is fitting since the youngest member of her new family really, really wanted a purple puppy. Fortunately, a black and tan puppy was almost as good! Independent, yet very affectionate, this girl went from being our most active and most likely to cause trouble, to being the one that was the first to learn how to use her big brown eyes and soulful expression to get your attention. Not only do she and Rocko look the most alike, but I really think they are probably the most similar overall.

Here is the newly enlarged Taylor family...

Lilith (Violet) and her new playmate settle in for a nap.


From initially being called Big Bertha, to leaving us as Little Bertie, she is quite the gal. She is now living in Hainesport, New Jersey with the Rilling / Sokol family. While she has her independent moments, she also was the one most likely to be underfoot. If we were doing anything, she was ALWAYS there to help us out. You can always count on Bertha to be right in the middle of whatever was going on. Of the litter, this girl was probably the most active and most agile of them all. She did frequently want things her own way and made that very clear! If you wanted Bertha to wag her tail, all you had to do was simply carry on a conversation with her. A very happy girl, this one!


This boy had himself wrapped around Ron's little finger from THE minute he was born. Fortunately for us, he has grown into just the right fit for our family - and so he is staying here with us! He is probably most like Bertha in personality, but with a bit of a passive resistant streak. Also always perpetually happy, this boy still reminds us very much of Mikey from Liv's prior litter. This boy loves to play and is really very easygoing and very active. He delights in playing with his big sister Spring, and has integrated himself into the whole pack from the very beginning. We see a lot of performance potential in this self confident boy.

Thank you to everyone who has shared this most awesome and incredible journey with us. Your support and encouragement has been wonderful. While it might be easy to look at this as an end, we prefer to look at it as new beginnings!