Kyleakin Peregrin Falcon JC CGC

DOB: 04/03/05

CHIC # 52952, Factor VII - Normal, Urine Nitroprusside - Negative, Echocardiogram - Normal,

DNA Data Bank

(DC Utkinton Fitzhugh Talon SC FCH x DC Kyleakin Linnet CDX SC FCH)

Bred by Betty Stephenson DVM - Kyleakin Deerhounds

Keely is the second Scottish Deerhound to join our family. Her mother is a full litter sister to our Kite, and she too was bred by Betty Stephenson of Kyleakin Deerhounds.

Keely joined our family in June of 2005, as a wee pup. This time, instead of picking her up in Bowling Green, Kentucky, we met Betty in Portland, Oregon at the Scottish Deerhound National Specialty and Keely met us there. It was love at first sight!

Keely immediately endeared herself to us both. While she is related to our Kite, she is very similar to Kite and at the same time very different. Keely has been, from the very beginning, a total lap dog. She enjoys plastering herself on top of you, whether it be on the couch, the bed or the floor.

Keely has grown from the gangly, leggy puppy, into a beautiful dog and has distinguished herself by doing quite well in the conformation ring, earning multiple Hound Group placements with very limited showing, despite Ken's ineptness at handling.

She also had the honor to win Winners Bitch at the Scottish Deerhound Club of America's National Specialty show in Lompoc, California in 2008! That was quite a delightful surprise!

And unlike her auntie Kite, Keely will lure course with other dogs! She handily earned her AKC Junior Courser title, has earned a major towards her AKC Field Championship and a leg towards her Senior Courser title - all with very limited coursing!

Her first time out in ASFA lure coursing, she was only one point behind the Best in Field winner for her Best in Field runs!

At her very first time LGRA straight line racing, she not only was Highest Scoring First Time Entered dog, but she was also Highest Scoring Dog overall!

Keely has much more "prey drive" than her auntie Kite had, and enjoys hunting anytime we are out and about. She always has her eyes open for hares, squirrels, fox, coyote, or anything that might run from her. We have had to instill in her at a very young age that moose are not suitable prey - and try to discourage the other smaller critters from spending much time in our yard.

And in keeping with the versatility tradition of Kyleakin Deerhounds, Keely has shown that she has what it takes to perform in the obedience ring. She made her obedience debut in the novice obedience ring during the summer of 2008, after only having started training a mere 3 weeks previously! She actually earned qualifying scores and two legs towards her Companion Dog title in her first two (and so far only) times in the obedience ring!

Additionally, she made her AKC Rally-O debut and qualified her first (and only) time out - and this was without ever having had any Rally-O training!

Keely is a joy to live with, and we can't imagine what our lives would be like without her. She and our Border Collie "Cache" were born one week apart, and have grown up as sister and brother.

Keely is just an all-around great girl, with an easy going personality. She loves to run so much, that she even figured out a way to exercise when it's -30f outside...

But that doesn't stop her from getting dressed up and going out, even when it's -40f...

And, she is ALWAYS ready for a party!

Keely is planning on taking some time off during the spring of 2009 to try her hand at motherhood! Plans are in the works, and if the fertility gods are good to us, we may be blessed with a litter of Deerhound puplets. Inquiries welcomed!