Kyleakin Life is a Breeze CD RA JC NA NAJ CGC

5/25/02 - 9/18/07

(DC Old St. Andrews d'Lux MC x CH Highlander's Beara Mikal CD RE JC AX OAJ NAP NJP)

Bred by Betty L. Stephenson DVM - Kyleakin Scottish Deerhounds

We had decided several years earlier that our next sighthound would be a Scottish Deerhound. However, the timing just never seemed right until 2002.

After losing 3 of our beloved elderly dogs within a 3 month span in 2002, the house just seemed too empty and thus began the search in earnest for a Deerhound to join our family. Through luck, we were put in touch with Betty Stephenson, and the rest is history.

In August of 2002, Ken flew to Bowling Green, Kentucky, picked out Kite and returned home with her. We had no idea what a life changing moment that was going to be!

Kite was a wonderful puppy, and quickly became Ken's shadow.

The Kyleakin Deerhounds are known for the versatility, including their accomplishments in obedience, and this is what Ken was looking for. Hoping for a versatile Deerhound that might be willing and able to compete in a wide variety of venues, Kite far surpassed our expectations.

Kite LOVED agility! She was a quick study, and picked up on new tasks quickly. She was a natural jumper, and took directions very well. She delighted in the challenges that agility work presented.

Kite made history by becoming the first Scottish Deerhound to earn an AKC Rally-O title, and she did it in 3 straight trials with placements in each!

Kite also earned her Companion Dog title in the novice obedience ring. While she wasn't quite as keen on obedience as she was on agility, she was just making her debut in the open obedience ring when she passed away.

Kite also enjoyed lure coursing, however, she was always too sociable for her own good. Running as a single, she was always right on - but running with other dogs was simply too tempting for her in that she would much rather initiate a grand old game of wrestling rather than chase a plastic bag around the field. That being said, if there was live game to chase, she became a completely different dog. At our house, the resident squirrel population is in a complete decline due to Kite's hunting prowess!

Kite was truly a versatile Deerhound. In 2005, she earned theScottish Deerhound Club of America's distinguished Versatile Dog of the Year award!

Aside from all of Kite's accomplishments, she was above and beyond a completely integral part of our family, not to mention being Ken's heart and soul dog. Not a day goes by since her passing, that we don't think of her funny and comical ways... the way she loved to give Ron love bites and leave little teeny blood blisters all over his butt (hence one of her nicknames "needle nosed butt biter"), they way she would always fart when she peed (I know, too much information, but simply one of her endearing traits!), the way she would stick first her entire head between your legs, and then "sneakily" slide her body all the way through for a total massage of her sides (earning her another one of her nicknames - "pinhead" or "pinny") and adeptly knocking Ken off his feet while doing so. She had an absolute love of life and of playing with anybody or any dog that she crossed paths with. She was truly an ambassador for the breed, and has left a wonderful and positive lasting impression on everyone whom she ever met.

Here are Kite and Ken with Mt. McKinley in the background.

While we will never understand why she had to leave us when she did, she so completely endeared us to the breed, that it is hard to imagine that we will ever be without a Scottish Deerhound.

Please take a look at the many faces of Kite.