Baymore's Alaskan Liv TD CGC

DOB: 06/16/03

CHIC #40614, Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia - Clear, Hips - Mild Unilateral Right

DNA Data Bank

Liver and Tan / Grizzle

(CH Hooters Follyhoun Rodney x CH Hooters Corcra Rhapsody)

Liv is the second Otterhound to come to Riverspruce Hounds, having arrived as a pup in 2003 from Randy & Margaret Neubauer of Baymore Otterhounds.

Below are Liv's sire and dam - Rodney (R) & Rhapsody (L)

Here are some baby photos of Liv

And here she is, ready for her trip to Alaska!

And, shortly after her arrival in Alaska, tired from her long trip...

Ron and Liv outside on her first day at Riverspruce Hounds

Here she is, settling into the house.


She quickly settled in and started becoming an integral part of the family, and demonstrated her ability to be in perpetual motion!

And inevitably, she soon encountered her first snow.

She is our most active Otterhound, and she loves doing just about any activity where she can be moving, and / or using her nose. She lives for tracking, and passed her Tracking Test on her first time out, with minimal training - she's a natural! Here is a piture of Ron and Liv at their first tracking test.


At home in the yard, she feels it is her life's mission to eradicate the squirrel population, and if she were allowed unfettered access to the river, she'd do the same thing with the Otters, Beaver, and Mink. Liv loves the water!

And, she loves the mud!

Here Tyler watches as Liv heads out looking for critters.

And despite her high activity level outside, now that she's all grown up, she is probably one of our mellowest Otterhounds in the house. She can usually be found snoozing away on a couch somewhere.

She also really enjoys agility, and is a natural jumper.

Here's a photo of Liv with her 1/2 brother (another Rhapsody pup), Toby.

Liv blessed us with 4 healthy puppies in 2007. She certainly impressed us by taking on the task of motherhood so well. We quickly dubbed her "super mom", and now fondly refer to her as "momma red".

Here she is with baby Spring

And a few weeks later with Mikey and Spring

She has a wonderful coat, requiring the least maintenance of all of our resident Otterhounds. She is a sensitive dog, and requires very little re-direction when needed. And, like many Otterhounds, Liv loves to hear her own voice!

Winners Bitch - Best of Opposite Sex, Lompoc Valley Kennel Club, July 2008

Best Brace, Otterhound Club of America National Specialty 2008, with daughter Spring