2007 Otterhound Litter

Riverspruce Hounds welcomed the arrival of our first Otterhound litter on April 7, 2007. Our girl Liv was bred to Jack (CH Kalevala Jack the Lad), and produced 4 lovely puppies.

Here they are at 1 day old:


Two days old at the milk bar


And here they are again at 8 weeks old:

Green Boy - nicknamed "Mikey"

Mikey was the ACTIVE puppy of the litter! He was always into mischief, and always wanted to be the center of attention. When he was awake, he was pretty much in perpetual motion. He was by far the most responsive of the puppies, and it didn't matter what he was doing if you were to call his name... he'd immediately start wiggling his butt and tail, earning him the nickname "wiggle-butt".


Pink girl - nicknamed "Spring"

Spring was very much like her brother Mikey, in that she was always in perpetual motion from the very beginning! She and Mikey could be trusted to always be into some form of mischief, and delighted in keeping us on our toes at all times! She was always a bit more independent than Mikey, but as she has matured, she has developed into a very responsive girl who actually slows down long enough to fall asleep in our laps on the couch! She is VERY much her mother's daughter, and if she were allowed, she would spend all of her outside time hunting. This girl rarely misses a thing!


Blue boy - nicknamed "Bart"

Good ol' Bart, always Mr. Sensitive as a wee one. He was the one who would tend to look a situation over, think about it, and then barge in! He was the one who could be counted on to crawl up into our laps and sit quietly. He loved to invent games and spent much time keeping us on our toes with new and different versions of "keep away" and "tag"! Always an easy going puppy.


Orange boy - nickmaned "Hoss"

Also known as Mr. Sleepy, this puppy could NAP! Between eating and playing with his siblings, Hoss enjoyed nothing more than power sleeping! He was very much like Bart when it came to energy level, and was also very level headed. He was the puppy most drawn to mud, water, and more mud from the time his little legs first figured out how to carrry him around! If Hoss disappeared, we always knew to look in the water.


And here are some photos of them as they grew older:

Blue boy - n/k/a CH Riverspruce Yukon Jack , call name "Henley"

Best of Winners, Otterhound Club of America 2008 Regional Specialty - 5 point major

and a new Champion!

Henley lives with Richard and Nancy Wallens in Illinois.


Pink girl - n/k/a Riverspruce's Tolovana Breakup, call name "Spring"

Party girl on her first birthday!

Best in Sweepstakes - Otterhound Club of America 2008 Regional Specialty

Spring and momma Liv

Spring stayed home with the the entire gang here at Riverspruce Hounds.


Orange boy - n/k/a Riverspruce's Stoney Oliver, call name "Oliver"

Oliver and his mom and dad at their home in Michigan

Oliver now lives with Monte and Nancy Beaudway in Michigan.


Green boy - n/k/a Riverspruce's Mat-Su Wigglebutt, call name "Mikey"

Mikey and his dad.

Mikey lives with John and Steph Fairbanks in Utah, and he even has his own website, so check it out!

Mikey's Website