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I was born and raised in the beautiful Napa Valley in Northern California. I started working for the United States Navy in 1974 and soon after decided I needed a buddy, along came Trouble and she did live up to her name.

Trouble was an Old English Sheepdog and I brought her home at 10 weeks old, we had a lot of fun camping and just hanging out as inseparable buddies.

On a trip to my brother Dennis's one afternoon I ran across a little fluffy white ball running up and down his back yard, I was in love with this little pup but he was the one my brother was keeping out of a litter they just had. I said oh well and headed home to find that he had called before I arrived and said to come and get him that he couldn't keep him anyway, that was the beginning of 12 wonderful years with Cotton.


Cotton was a mostly yellow Labrador and my side kick that went everywhere and did everything I did no matter if we were suppose to or not.


He loved helping me work on my Boats and Cars actually handing me a tool once or twice.

My favorite past time when younger was building boats and cars where there was always a place set aside for Cotton.


This is a 1980 Sanger Family Ski Flat bottom and was my first boat. It took me four years to build this boat since I started with just the hull and trailer, making everything else by hand in the garage including building my first engine. I had this boat for 26 years with additions for more speed every year. I always told folks to "Shut up, Sitdown and Hold On" When they asked for a ride which was usually just once.

Another fun boat was the Sanger Pickle Fork Hydro I spent allot of time driving and working on.


I have always been interested in cars and boats and still own this 1964 Buick Skylark although since the Otterhounds came along it hasn't seen much attention.

This was a 1969 Z 28 Camaro that was fun to drive but trouble all the way since I couldn't keep it at normal speeds.