Scottish Deerhounds

While the breed is definitely identified in the 16th and 17th centuries, the origins of Scottish Deerhounds pre-dates that into antiquity. They are a large breed of sight hound that were bred for the pursuit and killing of deer. Throughout the history of the breed, great value has been placed upon them, so much so that only persons of a particular class or standing were allowed to own them. Their courage in hunting, as well as their dignity and gentleness in the home, has often been described throughout their history. The Scottish Highlands became the last stronghold of the breed, due to the fact that the stag that they hunted remained numerous there in the wild. Sir Walter Scott, a deerhound owner himself, described the breed as "The most perfect creature of Heaven."

End of the Day - Henry Woollett

For more information on the breed, please visit the Scottish Deerhound Club of America's web site.

Of all of the sight hounds that have lived with us at Riverspruce Hounds, Scottish Deerhounds are the most suited to our climate and lifestyle. While they enjoy lounging around the house with us, they are always ready to accompany us on our outdoor adventures!

Our first Scottish Deerhound joined our household in 2002, and our lives have never been the same since. Kite was a wonderful puppy and made the long trip with Ken from her breeder in Kentucky, to home in North Pole, Alaska, like the trooper she always was.

Kite - Scottish Deerhound

Kite's Page

The second Scottish Deerhound to join us here at Riverspruce Hounds was Keely, arriving in 2005. She and Kite quickly became best friends, and Kite delighted in the day that Keely was large enough to really rough house with her in the way that only two deerhounds can!

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