Scentasia's Two Good ToBe True CGC

DOB: 12/2/05

CHIC #51378, Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia - Clear, Hips - Mild Unilateral Right

DNA Data Bank

(CH Scentasia's Yorktown Patriot CD VO x CH Scentasia's Hostile Takeover CGC TDI)


Our handsome boy, Tucker!

Tucker is a black and tan grizzled dog, about 28" and weighing between 95-100 lbs.

Of all of our Otterhounds, Tucker is the most thoughtful and sensitive of the bunch. We have special feelings for Tucker's mother because of the fact that when Ron first started his search for an Otterhound, Tucker's mother had just been born. We were able to watch his mom in pictures, as she and her brothers grew from newborns into wonderful adult dogs. That litter was the first Otterhound litter that we were able to follow, and those memories are still very vivid for us.

Here are some pictures of Tucker as a wee puplet.

With mom Morgan, and grandmother Xena - and with mom Morgan

and with mom Morgan, Ron, and "the goose" & again with Ron

Then, Ron and Tucker traveled home from South Carolina, to Tucker's first introduction to snow!

And, it's not long before Tyler begins to teach Tucker how to power nap.

And, as time went on, he really started to get the hang of it!

And Tucker continued to grow...

and grow...

and grow some more...

And, Tucker LOVES swimming and retrieving!


And, like any good Otterhound, Tucker LOVES his birthday parties!

Tucker after a bath