Aberdeen's Livin' on the Edge TD RN CGC VO

CHIC #40613, Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia - Clear, Hips - Moderate

DNA Data Bank

Black and Tan / Grizzle

(CH Aberdeen's Copper Dirt Devil x CH Aberdeen's English Ivy)

DOB: 2/10/01

Tyler is the largest, and definitely the MOST spoiled, of all of the Otterhounds at Riverspruce Hounds. Being that he was the first, and long awaited Otterhound, he quickly learned how to use that to his advantage! He arrived at 8 weeks of age on Easter Sunday, as a precocious little fuzzy bundle - and the best Easter Basket that Ron has ever received!

Tyler is a wonderful ambassador for the breed - exemplifying the gregarious, amiable and boisterous nature that is a breed trademark!

Here is Tyler's dad, Damien (Left), and his mom, Ivy (Right).

Here's newborn Tyler.

There was no question that it was love at first sight between both he and Ron!!

Here's Ron with Tyler immediatly upon arrival in Fairbanks, directly outside the Alaska Airlines Air Cargo Office.

And at home shortly after his arrival.

Here's Tyler and Ron sitting in the same spot beginning in April through September...

Here's Tyler's first bath.

And Tyler tries out interesting hair-do's!

He even learned how to potty at -20 farenheit - despite Ron's wardrobe!

It didn't take long before that precocious puppy grew into one large, handsome dog! Tyler is 29 3/4" at the withers, and usually weighs right around 100 pounds. Here he is at 9 months, and again as an adult.

Tyler, with Ken's folks in Juneau. Ken's mom fondly referred to Tyler as "Itty Bitty", and the nickname has stuck!

Tyler has many accomplishments. He was the first Otterhound in the breed's history to earn a Rally obedience title!

He earned his tracking title on his first try, running his track in 4 minutes!!

He trained for, and easily became a certified Therapy Dog, that delights in visiting with elderly folks at the local Pioneer's Home, as well as with folks with medical problems at our local long term care facility.

Tyler also very much enjoyed his agility career, and while he and Ron have not earned any agility titles, the fun, comraderie, and partnership that they have shared in training and in competing in trials only strengthened their love of each other.

Weave poles were one of the first things that Tyler learned to do, and still enjoys them to this day.

Tyler is a dog, who above all else, believes that living is FUN! Here, he models his "doggles" that he enjoys wearing while sticking his head out the car window.

He's also become an accomplished "ice cube thief"...

Here he is playing in "his" private pool. Whether it be standing in it...

or snorkeling in it!

Here he is celebrating his 6th birthday.

And sharing bath time with Tucker.

And, Tyler is always up for a good hike and an accompanying rest!

Nap time is one of Tyler's favorite times!!

And he's never met another dog that he didn't like.

Tyler was used as the model dog for our newly created "Riverspruce Hounds" logo, and here he sits next to Ron's Christmas present of a jacket with the new logo.