Riverspruce Hounds Puppies

We had planned on having two litters in 2009, an Otterhound litter and a Scottish Deerhound litter. We were successful only with our Otterhound breeding, so we will not be having a Scottish Deerhound litter this year. We intend on another Scottish Deerhound breeding attempt very early in 2010. Our Otterhound litter was born on May 26, 2009, and more information about this litter can be found by clicking below.


Puppies at Riverspruce Hounds are born and raised in our home, and we spend considerable time ensuring that our puppies are healthy, happy, well socialized and get the best possible start in life possible.

We begin "working with" our puppies at 3 days of age, by completing a course of "Early Neurological Stimulation" (From Dr. Carmen L. Battaglia's "Breeding Better Dogs") with them. Once the puppies are older, we expose them to a myriad of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and environments. They have a lot of exposure to people of all sorts, and we begin training them in basic behavior skills from a very early age. Our puppies are trained using positive reinforcement techniques, and are well versed in "clicker training" from a very early age.

As soon as the pups are old enough, we take them to a wide variety of places, and expose them safely to as much as we possibly can. Our ultimate goal is to produce healthy, mentally and physically sound puppies who will be life-long, well adjusted companions - companions who can easily adjust to all the world has to offer to them, whether it be as partners in canine performance events, the conformation ring, or simply as loving members of a family.

We are very selective on where our puppies go, and spend considerable time screening potential new puppy families in an effort to ensure the best match between pup and family. Once a Riverspruce Hounds puppy goes to live with it's new family, for better or worse, we come as part of the package - as we consider the families of our pups as part of our own extended family! We like to keep in contact, and enjoy sharing experiences, advice, and photographs!

To contact us about our puppies, please email:

Ron - r.e.abernathy@att.net


Ken - KLCheatham@att.net

or you can call us at: